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Dance Classes at ShowBiz are run daily and are always open for trials. To trial a class simply call up to arrange a suitable time. Private Lessons are also available by appointment.

All vocal classes run from monday-wednesday by appointments only.

All piano classes are run on Tuesdays after school by appointment only

All drumming classes are available Fridays after school hours by appointment only. Don’t forget our multi-class discounts!

Students who wish to enroll in elite classes must have prior relevant dance experience and are required to take an additional Ballet or acrobatics class per week.


Jazz  |  Ballet  |  Contemporary/Lyrical Tap  |  Hip Hop  |  Break dancing/ B-Boying  |  Musical Theatre  |  Drama  |  Acrobatics  |  Cheerleading  |  Piano  |  Drums  |  Guitar  |  Singing



Dancing to modern everyday pop music, jazz is an energetic and fun style with a strong focus on building jazz dance technique.

Classes consist of a Warm up and stretch to increase strength and flexibility as well as a combination of different dance Progressions either from the corner or center of the room. Students will also learn a dance routine that is energetic and fun, consisting of unique moves, fancy footwork, big leaps and quick turns.



Ballet is fun, students of all ages will fall in love with its grace and beauty. Ballet is a classical, formal and graceful style of dance with focus on technique, flexibility, strength and discipline.

Classes consist of Barre work, centre, and corner to build up the dancers strength and flexibility.


Contemporary Dance is best described as an infusion of Modern Jazz and Classical Ballet and explores the natural energy and emotions of the body to produce dance, which is often very personal. The use of Unpredictable changes in rhythm, speed, and direction are often used within the dance choreography.

In Lyrical the steps will be more expressive and choreography can be both gripping and yet delicate.



Tap Dance is a style in which the rhythm is sounded out by the clicking taps on the heels and toes of a dancer's shoes hitting the floor as a percussive instrument. Kids will be dancing like Gene Kelly in no time. Tap will assist students with their timing and coordination.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop choreography makes use of the same components and techniques found in other forms of Urban Dance. Danced to Hip-hop style of music. Moves are more lower to the ground and in some cases moves can be quite intricate. Some hip-hop moves include Popping, Locking and Breaking.


Break Dancing/B-Boying

A style of urban dance that combines energetic footwork, power moves, top rock, down rock and freezes with the occasional tumbling moves and backspins, typically danced or performed to hip hop music and break beats

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is a combination of Dancing Singing and Acting. Learning how to perform parts of musicals such as Annie, Hairspray and The Wizard of Oz to name a few. This has proven to be a very popular class to help students to develop confidence within a group environment.



Drama is fun and exciting for students of all ages!  Self-expression, communication self-confidence are the typical traces born around Drama/Acting. Learn to read scripts for stage or movie production. Then you will exercise your craft at our end of year live stage production.


Acrobatics is a beautiful, dynamic and spectacular art form for both girls and boys that develop student’s courage, strength, stamina, coordination and much more. This discipline is taught using specialized acrobatic mats and equipment. The limbering and stretching skills are exceptionally beneficial for all dancers, and the skills gained help give the professional student an edge in performances and auditions.



Covers all elements of cheerleading including cheers, dancing, kicks, jumps and basic stunting. Cheerleading A fun new class for all to stay active. This class will help students with co-ordination and strength as well as develop the necessary team building skills to take them through every day life.


Piano lessons at ShowBiz comprise of classical and contemporary piano teaching in a course subjective to the student. In a fun environment, lessons offer accompaniment, composition of original songs, and all the while learning to read and execute any piece of music. ShowBiz caters for beginners up to grade 3 piano. Students will also have the opportunity to be put through official piano grading with Australian Music Examinations Board.



Drumming Lessons at ShowBiz provide structure and percussion music which create pathways for any novice to grow into a true professional in no time.


Guitar lessons concentrate on practical technique for acoustic or electric as well as the theory behind it. ShowBiz offers beginner students the familiarization of reading music and or guitar charts and provide the opportunity to play in an ensemble performing in concerts and the like to gain experience and confidence.



Singing at ShowBiz is covered by a variety of professional vocal coaches that specialize in areas from musical theatre to contemporary pop. Lessons aim to train and enhance a students voice through proper vocal techniques fitting to the student’s level and have the opportunity to perform at concerts as a soloist or harmonize within a group.